Surf School

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Don´t Miss our Classes!

If you want to lern and never surfed before, you should trie and see how your life can changing with surf.  The most important thing in surf is not how well you can do but how most fun you can get, and at the same time do some ecxercise for your body and mind.

To best part is being out there, and to be out there you should know some basic rules. We recommend surf lessons, not only to beginners, but also to the intermediate surfers. The knowledge of our surf instructors will help you in diferent area like how to read the waves, know the beach where you are, how to choose the best material to the diferent tipes off conditions and beachs, how to read the ocean and currents, and the basic rules in the water (prioraties, lefts, rights, dropin….).

Our school is certified by the Portuguese surfing federation and for Turism of Portugal! And with us you could expect only Quality.

Wellcome to the Caparica surf Villa Crew!


  • Accommodation walking distance to Caparica beach breaks
  • Morning Breakfast
  • ​Two surf sessions every days
  • surf guides to take you to best Spots


  • 07.30 – Healthy breakfast
  • 08.15 – See surf conditions and options for the day.
  • 08.45 – Explore coastline looking for uncrowded surf
  • 12.00 – Lunch Time on the best place in the area
  • 13.15 – Another surf Session
  • 17.00 – Drink and talk about Surf Sessions
  • 19.30 – Return to the Base
  • 20.00 – Dinner Time